DFM Solutions for Healthcare, Medical Device, Aerospace & Other Industries

Production of Precision Mechanical Components

Kalman Manufacturing’s greatest strength to its clients is in applying our extensive knowledge in Design for Manufacturability (DFM). Our goal is to optimize customer part designs for form, fit, function and quality while reducing manufacturing cost at the same time. The sooner Kalman Process Engineers are involved with your project and aid in the design process, the faster we can create effective manufacturing solutions to help streamline your product life cycle and find efficiencies. With our decades of experience working in multiple industries, depending on the application of the part being manufactured, our DFM and process development services we can deliver the precision parts you need, at a price and delivery time expected. Please contact us early in your product development process and we will work with you through the production process and deliver a product that meets both cost and quality expectations. We look forward to hearing from you.

Services that Help Set us Apart

Engineer & Design Support

Our Process Engineering group possesses first-class technical expertise acquired from decade’s worth of engineering and manufacturing experience. Our Process Engineering group’s primary purpose is to aid our clients in evaluating the manufacturability of their part designs and products. We will aid in conceptualizing new product designs or improve existing ones. By partnering with our clients early in the product life cycle we can create cost-effective manufacturing solutions. Use Kalman Manufacturing as part of your team, getting a manufacturer’s perspective at your design review or cost reduction meetings. We want to get involved, and we want you to succeed.

Process Planning

For our client to be successful, we need to consistently produce the same product ensuring quality and helping to control price. The only way to do this is through written procedures called “process planning.” This is not only limited to the parts we manufacture but applies to all aspects of our business. From a simple or complex component to a single or multi-piece mechanical assembly, we help create the documented steps needed to achieve a make-to-order manufacturing process.

Quality Management

Kalman Manufacturing is committed to providing our customers with on-time delivery of their products of the highest quality. Through continuous quality improvement of our processes, it is our objective to be the best-valued supplier to our customers. Our Quality Management System ensures consistency in all aspects of our operation including the quality of our products. Kalman Manufacturing’s upper management continuously supports and provides direction to reach this goal.

CNC Precision Machining

With over 35 CNC machines on our floor, many 4 and 5-axis, we have top-of-the-line equipment with enough capacity to take on any order. We take pride in being small and agile enough to work with our customers and provide the kind of customer support you deserve, yet large and structured enough to fulfill any order. We have extensive experience optimizing machining processes and reducing cycle times thus allowing us to pass production cost savings off to our customers.

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